Salamandastron (Redwall, Book 5)

By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

The population of Redwall sit back within the haze of summer-but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged via the evil weasel military of Ferhago the murderer. Worse nonetheless, Mara, loved daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the hearth Mountain, is in poor probability. Then a lightning bolt uncovers the sword of Martin the Warrior, and younger Samkin embarks on an experience that leads him to Mara. Can the nice creatures overcome the villainous murderer?

Illustrated by way of Gary Chalk

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Within the complete flood of vivid morning sun, Urthwyte’s occasion neared the pinnacle of the crater. Alfoh was once observing anything up above as he outfitted a rock to his sling. Whirling the weapon, he known as out to Samkim, ‘Look, that’s a rat up there. hiya you! ’ The rat’s head was once slightly noticeable, yet as Alfoh shouted he became and confirmed himself. The slingstone took him less than the ear with a particular thud. The rat screamed and toppled over the crater best. immediately there has been a mob of vermin, hurling rocks and firing arrows down on them.

Samkim coated his eyes, understanding what had occurred. ‘Oh no! ’ Spriggat golloped a passing moth and started chuckling. ‘Ohohoho! Thank ye kindly, Samkim. ’Tis a tribute to my reasonable cricket chirrup. Ohohohohohahaha! ’ The hedgehog’s laughter was once infectious. quickly the 3 of them have been doubled up pounding the log with their paws. ‘Ahahahaha! Ooh expensive! And there has been Arula, countin’ and whackin’. Ninety-seven, fifty-eight, twenty-three, take that an’ that, hahaha. An’ you ran smack-bang into that rat. Oh heeheehee!

We wandered the woodlands for lots of seasons. that's the place we met our goodfriend Ashnin – she was once the slave of wandering foxes. I fought them off and freed her, then the 3 people travelled jointly, trying to find peace and a greater existence. One summer time day many seasons in the past we came across it the following, an island paradise the place we lived in safeguard in the past. ’ Mara touched the outdated badger lady’s paw. ‘Why don’t you disregard the prior and remain right here, Loambudd? ’ ‘Because you have got introduced the prior jogging in via our door and since my grandson and that i are either badgers, struggling with beasts.

The little dormouse squeaked with discomfort and dropped his stick. instantly large crows seized him and commenced bearing him aloft. He hovered within the air, shrieking. ‘Mista Thuuuuuggg! ’ With a bellow of rage, the brawny otter grabbed the haversack through its straps. Swinging it around, he threw the encumbered pack and smashed the 2 crows out of the air. Dumble fell, did a tumble and snatched up his stick. Falling at the crows, he beat them mercilessly, pounding beaks, tails, legs and wings furiously. ‘Ya nasty ol’ crones, takin’ Dumble up inna sky!

I’ll guess at any place he's instantaneously he’s scoffin’ or fightin’. Don’t be troubled yore ’ead over Thrugg, marm – he’d reside in the course of a storm from snow on a duck’s again with a daisy in his ear! ’ child Dumble popped via a gooseberry bush. ‘Yeh, Mista Thugg my pal. ’E hold me inna ’avvysack an’ was once gunna struggle the heagle. Mista Thugg a courageous warmer! ’ Foremole gave Dumble a push that despatched him rolling downhill. ‘Hurr good, that be all ter be sayed on that subjeck. Tho’ oi do ’opes liddle Sanken an’ our ’Rula be secure.

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