Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Core Rulebook

By Goodman Games

Glory & Gold gained through Sorcery & Sword

You’re no hero.

You’re an adventurer: a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets and techniques. You search gold and glory, profitable it with sword and spell, caked within the blood and dirt of the susceptible, the darkish, the demons, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be received deep beneath, and also you shall have them.

Return to the respect days of delusion with the Dungeon move slowly Classics function taking part in video game. event as 1974 meant you to, with smooth ideas grounded within the origins of sword & sorcery. speedy play, cryptic secrets and techniques, and a mysterious earlier watch for you: flip the page…

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Don't Rest Your Head: A Game of Insomnia in the Mad City

By Fred Hicks

You can't sleep. It all started like that for we all, again after we have been backyard sort insomniacs. possibly you had nightmares (God understands all of us do now), or even you simply had difficulties that wouldn't allow you to sleep. Hell, possibly you have been simply over-caffienated. yet then anything clicked.

That used to be should you took a protracted stroll down the streets of the Mad urban, stopped being a Sleeper, and commenced being wide awake. yet that click on you heard wasn't from the key global snapping into position. It used to be the sound of the Nightmares flicking off the protection and pointing a gun at your head.

They can odor you. The Paper Boys are remaining in, and you'd larger pray you don't turn into a headline. You're friend within the water, my pal, and it's time you were given prepared for it... prior to the clock chimes 13 back. Now that you're one in all us, there's only one basic rule left that needs to dominate your life.

Stay unsleeping. Don't leisure Your Head.

Don’t relaxation Your Head is a swish, risky little online game, the place your avid gamers are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, scuffling with — and utilizing — exhaustion and insanity to stick alive, and wakeful for only one extra evening, in a truth long past manner improper referred to as the Mad urban.

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CONTINUUM: Roleplaying in The Yet

By Sean Jaffe, Chris Adams, Liz Holliday

The roleplaying online game of actual time commute is now to be had. for those who may possibly discover ways to span time at will, what kind of civilization could you be coming into? Hailed through the SciFi Channel as "Unusual", this new video game breaks the entire outdated saws of time commute and takes a clean, incisive method that has surprised gamer and difficult SF enthusiasts alike.

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Deathwatch (Warhammer 40K, Core Rulebook)

By Ross Watson

Deathwatch is a roleplaying video game set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the place you're taking at the position of a member of the Adeptus Astartes - the religious, bio-engineered super-soldiers often referred to as area Marines. in basic terms the main extraordinary applicants from the battling forces of the Adeptus Astartes are invited to hitch the Deathwatch, and tackle a brand new oath to defend the Imperium from the darkest of threats. United during this newly solid brotherhood, all Deathwatch Marines needs to learn how to set aside their ameliorations and interact to achieve the main outstanding operations - no matter if dealing with the specter of overall annihilation while faced by way of implacable alien foes, or scuffling with opposed to the foul daemon risk that crawls forth hungrily from past the Warp. Deathwatch bargains a brand-new roleplaying adventure by means of targeting elite, special-missions type motion on the furthest fringes of Imperial area, related to a number of the maximum heroes and deadliest rivals the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to supply!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star Part 2 - Curse of the Lady's Light

By Mike Shel

  • Varisia's latest heroes have stumbled throughout a strong relic from the traditional empire of Thassilon — but the artifact has been sundered into seven fragments. The 3rd of those fragments lies within the swampy Mushfens south of town of Magnimar, hidden inside an old, towering lighthouse referred to as the Lady's mild. With squabbling boggards, troglodytes, and different swamp monsters living within the zone round the gentle, imminent the ruins would require both stealth or bravado. however the threats posed by way of slimy and scaly humanoids pales compared to the exiled grey Maidens who've claimed the internal of the sunshine as their new headquarters — or to the sinister curse that afflicts the robust, old caretaker of the ruin.
  • Continuing the Shattered superstar experience Path, Curse of the Lady's Light is a Pathfinder Roleplaying video game adventure for 4th-level characters. This quantity deals extra information at the Mushfens swamps of Varisia and an intensive research of the grey Maidens. New monsters fill the Pathfinder Bestiary, whereas invoice Ward's Pathfinder magazine fiction explores the seedy underbelly of the scoundrel haven of Riddleport!

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The Princes' Kingdom

By Clinton R. Nixon

You are 9 years previous. Your brothers simply obtained you a dog to your birthday. the 3 of you're seeing the realm out of your personal boat. you're the sons of the King of Islandia!

And basically you 3 can cease the war.

A video game approximately young ones, adults, and ideals.

The Princes’ country is a video game within which you and your folks act out the adventures of youngsters in far off lands. those lands are all throughout an historic ocean, and are all governed via a sensible king. You play the king’s childrens, princes, despatched out to discover the dominion and aid out the voters. the dominion is massive, made of enormous quantities of islands, and so the king sends out his princes to survey it and discover what kind of difficulties humans have around the lands, so they may well in the future be clever rulers themselves.

The online game is electrified by way of the critically-acclaimed canines within the winery, and has a foreword from Vincent Baker, the writer of that online game.

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Delta Green: Eyes Only: A Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook of Modern Horror and Conspiracy

By John Tynes, Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller

For eighty years Delta eco-friendly has fought to guard humanity by means of unearthing evils older than the area. You violated each legislations to avoid wasting humans who'll by no means recognize you exist. You took down lovers who worshipped horror itself. You dug up truths the powers of presidency and magic attempted to conceal.

You're approximately to need you'd left good sufficient alone.

Delta eco-friendly: Eyes Only digs deep into the worm-ridden center of recent energy. discover its mystery businesses, and you'll see why humans kill to maintain those secrets and techniques hidden.

Machinations of the Mi-Go explores the historical past, targets, and technological know-how of the Fungi from Yuggoth, together with the plot that formed the yankee govt for decades.

The long island occult underground explodes with The Fate, an in-depth examine Stephen Alziz and his servants and enemies, together with new Cthulhu Mythos tomes and a advisor to enjoying characters within the Network.

Project Rainbow brings a staple of conspiracy fiction, the Philadelphia test, seamlessly into the Mythos--stealth know-how meets the Tillinghast Resonator with nightmarish results.

Plus 3 scenarios:

  • A evening on Owlshead Island: Investigators face off opposed to the lethal after-effects of alien activity.
  • Holy War: Delta eco-friendly makes an attempt to solve a deadly occult conspiracy months after 9/11.
  • Artifact Zero: A staggering time-travel situation during which brokers positioned greater than their lives and souls at risk.
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    Unveiled Threats

    By Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay

    Firearms, Rituals, and Artifacts - Oh My

    Tools could be the key to successful the Aeon conflict. For a few, they're the complex guns created through businesses like Armorcorp or Colt Springfield. For others, they're the magically-imbued gadgets that they bring whereas intoning robust forces in darkened mystical areas. For nonetheless others, they're the traditional and misplaced artifacts for which they seek the darkish corners of the Earth. To the Ashcroft starting place, they're the kids of arcanotechnology - the melding of technological know-how and the arcane.

    This is the Aeon struggle. hold a weapon.

    Explore the realm of recent firearms, armor, and explosives, digging into their important features. discover what varieties of wondrous daily instruments will be ready. extend the software of these sorcerers who opt for the trail of enchanter with a number of recent rituals. carry onto old legacies throughout the revelation of old artifacts. detect the numerous manifestations of Ashcroft’s arcanotechnology. See what alien mysteries belong to either the Migou and the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

    Nowhere else will you discover a surroundings like this.

    Inside this ebook you are going to find:

  • Expanded and revised guns of all kinds.
  • Explorations of the first weapon brands within the Aeon War.
  • Details for extra approximately a hundred New Earth govt guns, together with pistols, attack rifles, distinctive guns, explosives, or even anti-armor weapons.
  • An in-depth examine armor within the Aeon War.
  • Explorations of convenient units for Characters, together with peek expertise, in addition to numerous new vehicles.
  • A host of recent rituals for enchanted goods, making a new kind of personality - the mystical gadgeteer.
  • A look at the area of robust and historical artifacts.
  • A peek behind the scenes at a wealth of recent arcanotechnology from a number of fronts.
  • An exploration of the guns from alien fingers, together with the Migou arsenal and the instruments of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.
  • More than a part dozen new items of fiction to aid carry the atmosphere to life.
  • This booklet is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling video game and calls for the middle Book.

    This e-book is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and demanding content material and pictures. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Call of Cthulhu: Horror Roleplaying in the Worlds of H. P. Lovecraft, 6th Edition

    Name OF CTHULHU is Chaosium's vintage roleplaying online game of Lovecraftian horror within which traditional individuals are faced by means of the terrifying and alien forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. name OF CTHULHU makes use of Chaosium's simple Roleplaying approach, effortless to profit and fast to play. This bestseller has received dozens of game-industry awards and is a member of the Academy of experience online game layout corridor of repute. In 2001 name OF CTHULHU celebrated its twentieth anniversary. In 2003 name OF CTHULHU used to be voted the number one Gothic/Horror RPG of all time through the Gaming Report.com group. name OF CTHULHU is well-supported through an ever-growing line of top quality video game supplementations. this can be the softcover sixth version of this vintage horror video game, thoroughly suitable with all of prior variants and supplementations for name OF CTHULHU. it is a whole roleplaying video game in a single quantity. All you want to play is that this booklet, a few cube, mind's eye, and your mates.

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    By Christopher Moore, Meguey Baker, Michael Lingner

    They took your life.
    You acquired away.
    They wish you back.


    Psi Run is a role-playing video game approximately those who were abducted via a mysterious workforce for unknown purposes. they've got no reminiscence in their lives sooner than their catch. After discovering an opportunity to flee, they try to stay loose, whereas piecing jointly flashes of reminiscence to reclaim their very own earlier. The Runners have remarkable powers which could aid them live to tell the tale, yet those self same powers additionally hold a threat of catastrophe for everybody and every little thing round them.

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