Dark Passions

By Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay

At Your Doorstep

The Aeon struggle rages outdoors. The Migou encroach at the middle of civilization from Alaska. The Rapine typhoon throws itself opposed to failing strains in China. darkish issues wake up within the forgotten corners of the area. the entire whereas, sinister cults erode the recent Earth executive from within.

Fight fanatical suicide bombers devoted to the autumn of civilization - and the destruction of our "alien" brethren. Face your personal internal fortitude within the face of overwhelming temptations of forbidden actual pleasures. Sleep fitfully within the worry that whatever available in the market is motive to ravage your dreams.

All on your local. Down the road. Even subsequent door.

Nowhere else will you discover a atmosphere like CthulhuTech.

Inside this booklet you are going to find:

  • A precise dialogue of cults inside society, their effect, and the way they're handled by means of the hot Earth Government.
  • Four items of bizarre fiction to aid painting the ugliness of cult influence.
  • Eight distinctive and insidious minor cults, together with the Congregation of the Earth mom, a virtually destroyed fertility cult with a lot darker origins, the Empty, a misplaced "group" of the homeless and hopelessly deranged, and the mysterious Scions of perpetually, who appear to be aware of the streams of time and simply the way to control it.
  • Guidelines and ideas for developing cult video games or for integrating them into your already present CthulhuTech game.
  • Story starters and hooks, to convey minor cults into your video game now.
  • An accordion-fold online game reference, that will help you locate the Framewerk principles you wish in case you want them.
  • This ebook is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling video game and calls for the middle Book.

    This booklet is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and stressful content material and photographs. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Fire and Ice: The Elemental Companion

    By Robert J. Defendi, Lyn Mortensen

    Rolemaster delusion Roleplaying is a really versatile and complete RPG-system from Iron Crown firms: http://ironcrown.com
    This torrent comprises Spell legislation; hearth and Ice: Elemental Companion
    From the web site:

    “The six Champions stood in a circle, one from each one aspect. They stood quietly, their heads hung low. Slowly, they started to chant. The phrases all started smooth, yet in-built strength and depth. each one Champion started to glow a bit of as they jam-packed with strength. the weather swelled and rushed to fill them. They vibrated because the chant rose better nonetheless. eventually, their heads rose as one. Their eyes burned, probably ate up through the elements.”
    The preferred and coolest Rolemaster delusion position enjoying complement to hit the streets in years. New spells, new professions, new education applications, and new monsters will upload spice and tool to any crusade video game. designated merchandise construction ideas upload a flavorful twist. yet pay attention the corruption of such strength. discover what your characters can do after they command the weather.

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    Goblin Markets (Changeling: the Lost)

    By Jess Hartley, Ethan Skemp, Alex Scokel

    Enable the client beware

    Every freehold understands of at the very least one. a few appear to have grown up nearly in a single day, like a hoop of small white mushrooms. Others appear to have run for millennia, outliving the increase and fall of the freeholds that encompass them. They’ll by no means depart fullyyt, regardless of the hazards in their wares. somebody continually wishes whatever you could simply get at a Goblin Market.
    A chronicle booklet for Changeling: The Lost

    suggestion on developing your individual Goblin Markets
    ideas on purchasing and selling
    pattern characters, Markets and SAS industry scenes to drop correct into your Changeling chronicle

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    Brigans of Mirkwood (MERP ICE #8090)

    By Charles Crutchfield

    This complement is decided within the such a lot striking city of southern Rhovanion. chance the gullies and ravines that shape the streets of Strayhold, a number of miles south and east of Mirkwood. referred to as by means of many names, few of that are complimentary, it truly is domestic to ratings of retailers and visitors who ply the line to Rhûn. It additionally harbors an unsavory lot of highwaymen, petty thieves, and beggars. Brigands beneficial properties 3 entire adventures. All are self-contained, and will simply be utilized in different locales.

    The payment of Strayhold, with its rag-tag number of structures, has the air of a gloomy carnival. For first time pals, its corduroy streets shape an intimidating labyrinth jam-packed with hawkers and revellers. Strayhold's retailers cater to vagabonds and rogues out to spend their ill-gotten profits and to guests trying to find pleasure or infrequent items. All demeanour of products can be found in the tangled streets; the dealers differ from pleasant and worthwhile to risky and lethal. regrettably, many of the population lean towards the latter.


    - 2 FULL-COLOR PAGES: that includes a superbly targeted urban map, and a space map of southern Mirkwood
    - significant LAYOUTS: detailing an evil magician's fortress, the massive Rogue's Clan-hall, the offended Horse hotel; plus amplify city-sections
    - STRAYHOLD: a impolite neighborhood to not be forgotten, and never to be taken lightly
    - three whole ADVENTURES: The day trip to Strayhold, Raid at the Rogue's Clan-hall, The fortress of Leärdinoth

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    Cthulhu Now (Call of Cthulhu)

    By Keith Herber, William A. Barton

    Sleek firearms, forensics, and occupations, plus 4 glossy role-playing adventures.

    [from again of book]
    Cthulhu and the previous Ones stay robust within the half-century on account that Lovecraft's demise. The globe is well-explored, however the darkness inside of men's souls is unfathomed. Now human fortunes surround Cthulhu and the H-Bomb too! Does know-how reduction the fight for reliable, or is it helpless opposed to forces from past area and time?

    This is a corebook for 1990's name of cthulhu adventures.

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    Pathfinder Module: The Dragon's Demand

    By Various

    Based through a recognized dragonslayer, the small city of Belhaim has turn into a sleepy rural neighborhood simply off the overwhelmed course, a cost the place we all know every person and strangers are the controversy of the city. but if Belhaim’s peace and quiet is shattered by way of the unexpected cave in of the final status tower of its founder’s citadel, issues speedy bloom uncontrolled. Why have been there our bodies of kobolds amid the rubble? What’s the sinister mystery at the back of the unusual sounds of flapping wings within the evening? And what’s occurred to neighborhood wizard Balthus Hunclay, who’s now not answering knocks on his door? The collapsed tower had lengthy been an eyesore to the cantankerous outdated man—could he have had anything to do with its destruction? And what of the rumors of odd stirrings in within sight Dragonfen? Has Belhaim’s historic draconic nemesis returned?

    "The Dragon’s Demand" is a deluxe super-adventure for 1st-level characters, and contains sixty four action-packed pages of experience and new monsters, plus a gorgeous double-sided, full-color poster map of the city of Belhaim and a tremendous miniatures-scale battleground! gamers can anticipate to arrive seventh point by the point they whole this epic adventure—if they be able to live on the wrath of a dragon whilst his calls for aren’t met!

    Written by way of Mike Shel.
    Cover artwork through Lars Grant-West.

    Pathfinder Modules are 64-page, fine quality, full-color, adventures utilizing the Open video game License to paintings with either the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the normal 3.5 myth RPG ideas set. This Pathfinder Module contains new monsters, treasure, a double-sided poster map, and an absolutely special bonus situation that may be used as a part of the journey or in the other video game!

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    Calenhad: A Beacon of Gondor (MERP ICE #3203)

    By Tim Cooke

    Situated within the northern foothills of the Ered Nimrais, Calenhad is one in a sequence of 7 beacon-towers. Its watch-fire relays caution to Minas Tirith of any assault on Gondor's frontiers. no matter if a Dunlending invasion from the west, an Orcish raid around the Anduin, or civil strife inside of Calenardhon, the tower's beacon is determined ablaze.

    Calenhad's increased web site on steep cliffs initially sported only a impolite signal-platform. The structure's fire-cage, whilst set alight, warned within reach Gondorian settlements of incursions by means of Dunnish tribes. Centuries later, while Easterlings raided around the Anduin, a extra bold tower was once equipped over the platform's ruins. because the Shadow in Mordor grew, the tower was once improved and bolstered to develop into a castle of substantial army significance.

    CALENHAD features:

    Over 20 pages of layouts, illustrations, and perspectives.
    Complete, multi-level floorplans for four guard-towers, the gatehouse, and the extraordinary beacon-tower.
    Typical layouts for watch-towers at the outer curtain wall and the wall-towers overlooking the interior bailey.
    Room via room descriptions and experience suggestions.
    Statistics for the garrison of Calenhad and critical NPCs dwelling within the beacon's vicinity.

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    Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah (Black Dog Game Factory)

    By Jonathan Blacke

    "It makes me shiver to the bone to keep in mind what I observed of the stressed in the course of the moment international War."

    There began appearing within the Shadowlands rankings upon rankings of wraiths, from the outer geographical regions of Poland and Russia - complete households. They breached the Shroud, bare, heads shaved, scarred and reduce. And there has been an abhorrence within the air after they got here, a stink of burning. It occurred on the planet of Darkness, too. The ghosts of the Holocaust haven neither forgotten nor forgiven, and listed here are their tales. For adults merely.

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